Sunday, April 18, 2010

MS Fatigue and Multiple Sclerosis Sleep Problems

Multiple Sclerosis sleep problems or not getting a restful night of sleep on a regular basis can actually contribute to causing the worsening of MS attacks or MS relapses by making the attacks appear more often and become more severe.

Getting adequate rest is very important for those of us with Multiple Sclerosis. When we get adequate rest on a regular basis, this increases our body's own production of stem cells, which help repair damage to the nerves through out the body.

When it come to what can contribute to
Multiple Sclerosis sleep problems, there can be several things that can either make the fatigue much worse or can actually be one of the root causes of problems with getting a good night of restful sleep more often when you are struggling with MS.

Sleep disorders are one of the problems that can develop as a result of Multiple Sclerosis attacking and damaging the central nervous system. Going for an overnight sleep study can often get to the bottom of any sleep disorder that has developed, that might be interfering with our bodies going through the normal sleep cycles that our bodies go through when we lie down and sleep.

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