Saturday, November 15, 2008

Using Speech Therapy for MS

Although the Multiple sclerosis effects on the body can vary from case to case, there are some cases that can include stuttering, scrambling information (or dyslexia) or problems with slurring your words that can make it difficult for those, with the Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, to be able to communicate with other people.

Speech therapy is a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis that can help to reduce the effects of MS on speech for those that have these problems with their particular case of MS by helping to retrain the speech center of the brain.

Speech therapy helps to retrain the Multiple Sclerosis brain for the person to be able to speak more clearly again, to reduce stuttering, slurring words or problems with forming words or being able to speak more clearly to make it easier to understand what the affected person is saying.

I have found two brain exercise programs that complement each other, that target specific parts of the brain, including the speech center, that help to redevelop neural pathways by exercising the parts of the brain that are often affected by the scarring or damage to the brain, that can be associated with MS.

These 2 programs, which can be installed on a computer, help retrain the brain through giving both auditory and visual instructions for being able to perform the exercises. If these brain exercises are done consistently over a period of time, they can strengthened and improved how well the brain can function positively to a more significant degree.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can Aqua or Water Therapy Help with MS?

Multiple Sclerosis therapy:

Aquatic or water therapy, is one of the therapies, that is gaining more popularity with helping to give those with Multiple Sclerosis exercises, that they can do, without over exerting the body and making those with MS too exhausted. In some cases of Multiple Sclerosis, traditional physical therapy and other exercises can sometimes be too much for the person's body to tolerate. In these cases of MS, the result of doing more strenuous physical therapy just adds to the fatigue that is already present, without the person gaining all of the benefits of doing the exercises.

Exercising in a pool, with the water about waist deep, can help much more in many cases of Multiple Sclerosis by:

* Supporting the weight of the body
* Reducing over exertion and fatigue to Multiple Sclerosis patients
* Cushioning the impact on the joints
* Strengthening the muscles by increasing water resistance, that the muscles need to work against .

The exercises that are chosen, to be used in aqua therapy for MS patients, are chosen to target and strengthen specific muscle groups that can help to increase balance, increase muscle strength, increase flexibility and help to build up stamina and endurance.

More doctors are also finding that aqua or water therapy can help those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis walk again, because if you can’t walk on land, you can still walk in a pool. This is possible because the water supports the weight of the body and the body does not have to compete against the pull of gravity for a person to be able to stand up and walk. The pool has to be at least waist deep for the person to walk, but it allows the body to practice walking again, even if you haven't been able to walk for several years.

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