Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is Multiple Sclerosis Genetic or not?

Multiple Sclerosis Genetics

The medical community has been considering if there may be a genetic factor that can contribute to the presence of Multiple Sclerosis in the body.

MS Research covers a broad range of the possible causes of Multiple Sclerosis, which includes doing research on seeing if they can locate a particular gene or pairs of genes that may be responsible for setting up the body to attack itself and result in the presence of the nerve damage and scarring that is a result

Since the MS Research is still in the process of being performed, it is too early to tell if there is a Multiple Sclerosis genetic link that is setting up the body to attack itself as if it is a foreign invader.  The research in inconclusive at this point, but there is also the idea that genetics may play a role in setting up the body for it to be attacked by something else that can itself cause the MS nerve damage that results in many of the cases of MS.

I have found, while doing my own research on MS, that there is much more of the probability that Multiple Sclerosis starts out not being related to genetics.  But the way it works that when a woman with MS is pregnant that during the pregnancy any damage to the mother's chromosomes have a much higher probability of influencing the type of damage that can be replicated in the baby's chromosomes that can be passed on to the baby.  If generation after generation passes on the damaged genes, then yes, MS can become a genetic disorder. But, from my point of view, I don’t think that it necessarily starts out as a genetic disorder, unless there are other members of your family from either the same generation or from different generations that are related in some way (examples would be your grandfather, grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousins, mother, father, brother or sister).

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