Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Initial Signs and Symptoms of MS

The cause of Multiple Sclerosis is unknown.

Because of this, there is many different types of MS research being performed as there is a race for finding the Multiple Sclerosis cure that can help to reduce the symptoms of MS.

MultipleSclerosis can also demyelinate or damage the myelin sheath on the spinal cord that can leave scarring or Multiple Sclerosis brain effects can be seen such as cognitive problems, trouble with speaking or memory problems.

MS tests are performed to determine if a person has Multiple Sclerosis or Multiple s, using mri or magnetic resonance imaging machines.

Multiple Sclorosis attacks the body, as if it is a foreign invader. Multiple Sclerosis nerve damage can result that replaced the damaged nerves with scarring that can interrupt the nerve signal traveling from the brain to other parts of the body. Depending on how severe the MS scarring that results is, this can determine how severe the Multiple Sclerosis effects are on the body.

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Brad said...

That's bad disease. said...

Yes, MS is a pretty nasty disease, but there are ways that can bring us relief from MS symptoms -- that I have found during my own battle with MS.

Diane D.