Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Whole Body Vibration Exercise: How can it Help with Taming MS Symptoms?

Whole Body Vibration Exercise and MS:

What is whole body vibration exercise and can it help with reducing the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis?

Whole body vibration uses sonic vibration that helps to exercise the muscles in a way that your body responds as if it is actually working out much more strenuously than it actually is, making the muscles increase muscle strength, as well as giving your body other benefits without over exerting that body.

In the case of Multiple Sclerosis fatigue can be a big factor that can make it more difficult for those with this diagnosis to exercise and still be able to end up with the benefits that we need to help us to be able to physically function better.

Can whole body vibration help with regenerating nerve cells, damaged by MS attacking the nerves?

The thinking of the medical community is changing more towards the idea that intense physical therapy or exercise can help to regenerate the nerves that are connected to the muscles that are being exercised in this way.

How does doing whole body vibration exercises help those of us that have been give the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis?

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