Sunday, December 14, 2008

How Energy Disturbances can Affect MS Symptoms

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) and Multiple Sclerosis:

Because we live in a world where many different forms of energy patterns are being transmitted around us, this has to impact our bodies in some way, since our bodies are electrochemical in nature. Because we have television signals, radio signals, microwave signals, cell phone signals, computer signals and many other electromagnetic energy signals transmitted by the many different types of electronic devices in the environment that surrounds our bodies, we have many things that our bodies may not be able to tolerate on a daily basis.

Stress and effect of worsening ms:

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) can create disturbances that can influence our bodies adversely on a daily basis. The disturbances that result can include energy drains, energy surges, concentrated energy sources, scrambling of the energy fields surrounding our bodies, among other types of energy disturbances that can assault our bodies often on a daily basis. These are grouped together and called geopathic stress that can definitely affect our health adversely. Unfortunately, the average person may not know as much about this area as we should know about this area of EMFs, because the information about this area of concern is not well publicized or even explained to us much at all.

How does this affect
Multiple Sclerosis symptoms?

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