Sunday, November 2, 2008

MS walking, standing and balancing?

Can those of us who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis walk again? That’s an interesting question that appears to have many answers. I was told by the doctors, after I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis…

So, how does it feel to have an “incurable disease” ?

What can you say to people, who say these kinds of things to you? I’m not sure, but I do know that somehow all of the many different Alternative and Natural ways that I have tried, tested and still use for me, while working closely with my team of doctors, of course (each doctor has their own specialty) -- has been gradually helping to resolve many of the more severe symptoms of MS that I was experiencing after I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Is there a cure for Multiple Sclerosis?

I don’t know, but I figure anything that can help at all to relieve even some of my symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis -- is worth its weight in gold to me!

It can be difficult or sometimes it can seem almost impossible…on the worst days, to go on when your symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis are so severe and there appears…not to be any relief in sight. But I’m here to tell you, because I’m living proof, that we can’t just give up after we have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, as if our lives are over. If we do that, we have much less of a chance of anything improving. Just keep fighting and searching for things that can help to relieve your own symptoms of MS and eventually you will find something that helps reduce your symptoms of MultipleSclerosis!

I’m NOT telling you to give up totally on doctors – that would be a very foolish thing to do. It’s just that there are so many different types of doctors out there, in the whole wide world that somehow, some way, we have to find the doctor (or doctors) that have more expertise and experience in working with whatever modality or way that you are considering pursuing as a potential way that may help to reduce your particular set of symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

I really believe that and I’m going to do what I can to give you much of the information about things that I have tried, tested and learned about, as far as the Alternative and Natural ways that are out there – that have helped me in the past, that CAN help to reduce even more of your particular set of symptoms of MS. It just might be that, along the way, this information might help you, working with your doctor of course, to help you find relief to your particular set of symptoms of MS too.

One thing that I MUST say is that any of the information that I discuss, about my particular case of Multiple Sclerosis, may not help everyone, because there is such a broad range of any combination of symptoms for each case of MS. No two cases are alike. This means that the information that I discuss has to be reviewed by your own licensed medical doctors and it needs to be decided by your own doctor, to determine if the information is an option for being used for your particular case of MS, for helping to reduce your symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

Because of my own “trial and error” period of time that I went through, while battling with a very severe case of Multiple Sclerosis -- I know what it is like -- firsthand – to be living with Multiple Sclerosis. My symptoms were so terrible for the first few years after I was diagnosed with MS, that I had so many days, that I just did not function. But in spite of all that I have been through, I’m determined to find whatever I can to help me be able to function again, even if it is a very gradual process for me to reach my goals, from a health point of view.

From a neurological point of view, my neurologist has determined, through performing another set of MRI tests on my spine that the major scarring, that was originally on my upper spine, is now totally gone – 12 years later!

The next phase is back to physical therapy. My neurologist sounds optimistic that sending me for intense physical therapy for 3 months, could improve how well I can balance, stand and walk. One step at a time, so to speak!

But in the process of what I have gone through, I have decided that I want to do what I can to let other people know more about what I have learned during my own battle with the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, that has helped to reduce my symptoms of MS and helped to gradually restore more function to my body, in the hopes that it will help others find relief from their own symptoms of MS. I still struggle with some symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis from, day to day, but the symptoms that I do have more of a problem with most recently are not as severe or frequent as right after I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

To find out more about what I have learned that has helped reduce the symptoms of MS, go to for information.


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