Friday, October 31, 2008

MS Brain Exercise: Restoring Brain Function in MS

MS Brain: I have been told by the doctors that I have some scarring in my brain because of Multiple Sclerosis, but is there anything that can help to improve how well our brains function, regardless of the problems that Multiple Sclerosis lesions can cause to the Brain? The answer is YES!!

The statement “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is pretty much what the medical community used to think about how our brains function. They used to think that the neural pathways in the brain developed as we aged, but after a certain point that the pathways became fixed and unchangeable. Medical science is changing their tune about this. There are a group of neureoscientists from different countries that came together for a joint effort project where they did further research on how the brain functions. What they found is that the brain can be retrained because it is more “plastic” and changeable than they thought before.

Multiple Sclerosis Brain Exercises can help to improve more than just the Brain, but how does this work?

Exercising the brain is like exercising muscles. If the brain is exercised in certain ways, that target particular parts of the brain, then the neural pathways can be redeveloped and retrained to make the brain actually work better. If done over a period of time these “Brain Exercises” can actually help the brain to become “stronger” or have more developed neural pathways that actually can help the brain, and the rest of the body start to function better again.

How does this help in the case of Multiple Sclerosis brain function problems?

This is good news for those that have been affected by the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, because the brain is the master controller for the body because the brain sends signals to the rest of the body to tell it how to function. There are several things that can help retrain the brain in different ways, but some things need to be done in a doctor's office and some can be done at home.

Examples of what I am talking about are EEG Biofeedback and LENS (a different form of Biofeedback).

Both EEG and LENS Biofeedback are performed in a doctor's office. I've personally under gone periodic sessions with both EEG and LENS Biofeedbacks over a few years time and it has dramatically improved how well my brain has been functioning, from my first visit. EEG Biofeedback is performed by placing sensors on the forehead, while LENS is performed by placing sensors on the scalp in various locations on the head. Both EEG and LENS Biofeedbacks are used to stimulate and retrain the brain in different ways, depending on what is more helpful for the patient, based on their brain function problems. In EEG Biofeedback, the brain responses are amplified and fed to a computer program, specifically designed for use with EEG Biofeedback that uses graphical tracking of the brain response and tones to help retrain the brain's responses to increase them above a base reference line. If the response of the brain drops below the baseline, then a tone is given off. Either a movie or a video game can also be used during the EEG Biofeedback sessions, to help to retrain the brain, to increase the response of the brain.

Sessions of using the LENS, have been found to help improve the brain function and ability of the MS patient to function in different ways that can help the person improve with cognitive function, improve their ability to stand and balance, reduce the over reaction of the nervous system to stress, reduce the problems with one side of the body being weaker than the other, and help to reduce otherr symptoms that are typically associated with MS.

Another thing that I have found are a few software programs that you purchase and install on your computer that use brain exercises to retrain the brain that are targeted to help strengthen and improve how well different parts of the brain can function. This can be done at home, allowing you to be able to set your own schedule as to when and how often you have set for yourself to actually do these exercises. These brain exercises need to be done on a regular basis, just like working out at a gym, for the person to see any measureable results. The various brain exercises don't help as much if they are not done on a regular basis.

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