Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MS and Teeth Infections from Having A Root Canal

When it comes to MS and teeth problems, there is this disturbing trend that root canals done are all too often done improperly or not completed entirely.

Not cleaning out the root of the tooth entirely can contribute to the build up of pockets of bacterial infections in the teeth.

As a result, this can contribute to chronic health conditions, like Multiple Sclerosis, so says Bernie from DAMS International.

According to Bernie, when a root canal is done and the cavitations, or the holes left where the root of the tooth has been removed, are not cleaned out properly or if the root canal fails, this can cause anaerobic bacteria to accumulate in the tooth over time.

Tooth extraction sites can often also fail to completely heal due to failure to properly clean out the socket.

This type of problem is unfortunately more extremely common, than was thought previously.

The resulting accumulation of bacteria in the tooth can be a major factor in chronic health conditions, including cancer and degenerative neurological conditions, like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, etc.

Mercury from mercury-containing silver amalgam fillings can also be a source of MS and teeth problems, since the silver colored amalgam fillings each contain approximately 50% of mercury in its composition.

When there are mercury containing silver colored amalgam fillings in the mouth, chewing can release the mercury, which can often result in higher levels of mercury in the saliva, in the blood or the mercury level can build up in the bone, nerves, hair and nails.

Mercury in higher concentrations in the blood can result in attacks on the nerves through out the nervous system and contribute to nerve dysfunction, similar to that of Multiple Sclerosis.

Both failed root canals or improperly done root canals, and the bacterial build up in the root canal tooth are more likely sources that can contribute to symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, as is the presence of mercury in mercury containing silver amalgam fillings.

I found this information to be worth considering to have these problems taken care of correctly to help resolve possible causes that may be contributing to chronic conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis.

To read the full article, go to www.flcv.com/damspr11.html

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