Saturday, July 16, 2011

MS Cooling: Tips for Beating the Heat!

Hot weather can be unbearable for people with Multiple Sclerosis.

Finding ways for MS cooling is vital for reducing the effects of heat on aggravating your symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Overheating with Multiple Sclerosis can make you feel like any of the following:

* lightheadedness or dizziness

* nauseousness or throwing up, when more severely overheated.

* trouble catching your breath

* fainting spells

* trouble cooling off

Overheating can aggravate MS symptoms including:

* nerve pain

* numbness

* reduce balance or abilities to stand and/or walk

* increase fatigue

* increase vision problems

* increase number of infections, with increasing running fevers

* increase possibility of MS attacks or relapses

What can help you with cooling off with Multiple Sclerosis, when the weather gets too hot for you to handle it?

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Aldez said...

Hi, having lived with MS for almost 15 years now, I have found that by taking cold showers (up to 3 during the day) and by using a cooling vest, I have been able to manage many of the discomforts that you described here.

When I say cold showers I don’t mean using offensively cold water (ice water). You just need it to be cool enough to give you a healthy rush of energy when you start showering and cool enough to awaken your body.

A cooling vest with frozen water pouches is the simplest and cheapest method for lowering your body’s temperature and a good one should keep you in the green for about 4 hours (watch a video on Youtube at:

Be well,

Alex said...

I tried the link that you suggested for the video on It didn't work. Do you mean instead?