Monday, April 25, 2011

B12 and MS: What form of B12 Helps Reverse MS Nerve Damage?

When it comes to B12 and MS, can taking B12 help to reduce or even reverse MS nerve damage?

I am so excited to tell you about what I am finding with taking higher doses of vitamin B12, how it is helping with reducing, or maybe even reversing MS nerve damage and increasing how well my nerves are functioning with Multiple Sclerosis.

I have had several problems with my nerves not functioning as they should because of the more severe effects of Multiple Sclerosis attacks on my body, which taking the higher dosage of vitamin B12 has been helping to reduce.

Taking a higher dose of vitamin B12 has been helping in several ways, but taking the B12 only helps if you take it in certain forms and in combination with B complex.

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