Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MS Sleep Apnea Pillow To Aid With Full Face CPAP Mask

The MS sleep apnea combination and the use of a continuous positive airway pressue or CPAP mask can take some getting used to.

Although there are many different kinds of CPAP masks and machines on the market, there are 2 main types of CPAP masks.

One covers just the nose and uses a chin strap to keep the mouth closed, so that the person wearing the mask breathes through their mouth, while they sleep.

The second kind covers both the mouth and the nose, so that if the mouth is kept open while you sleep, the CPAP mask still works at helping to keep the airway open, while the person sleeps.

The CPAP mask that cover just the nose is typically tried first, by the sleep clinics to see if it is helpful to the wearer of the mask, but the problem is that if the mouth is not kept closed while you are sleeping, then the CPAP mask is not effective in keeping the airway open during sleep.

The CPAP mask that covers both the nose and the mouth is used for people who sleep with their mouth open while they sleep or for people with allergies, which cause sinus congestion, which can restrict the person from breathing through their nose only while they sleep.

The nose only CPAP mask is easier to keep sealed while moving around while you sleep, especially if you move around while you sleep.

The nose and mouth CPAP mask doesn't seal very well, if you move around more when you sleep.

Because I tend to get more violent leg spasm, because of the effects of Multiple Sclerosis, whenever I try to roll over when I am sleeping, I have trained myself not to roll over while I sleep.

Adding teh
MS sleep apnea combo, and sleeping with the sleep apnea mask and machine, and getting comfortable, while you are sleeping becomes even more of a challenge

In spite of the fact that I don't roll over in my sleep, I do tend to move my head from side to side, while I am sleeping.

If you tend to sleep on your side or if you tend to move your head from side to side, while you are sleeping, this can shift the full face mask enough that the mask doesn't seal as it should, or it can blow air in your eyes, which can wake you up many times a night.

There are adjustable straps on the CPAP masks to loosen or tighten to make a better seal with the mask to prevent major leaking to help the mask work better.

One of the problems you can have with tightening the straps is if you make them too tight so that you either get frequent headaches in the morning or you end up with marks on your face from the mask being too tight.

One of the things that I have found, that helps, if you were a full face CPAP mask (the mask that covers the nose and mouth) is to use a CPAP neck pillow.

The neck support CPAP pillow, that I found that works very well at supporting the neck and allowing moving your head from side to side or for sleeping on your side when you sleep with a full face CPAP mask was one I found online.

Once you go to the website for the CPAP neck pillow, scroll to the right of the screen.

If you are interested in finding out more about the CPAP neck pillow or where to purchase one for yourself that I found that works --

Click on the link --
sleep apnea CPAP neck pillow

If sealing the CPAP mask becomes more of a challenge, as far as keeping the positive pressure air from blowing into your eyes, there is a small additional comfort piece of soft plastic or rubber that can be purchased to help reduce this problem.

To find out more about this or to purchase one for yourself --

Click on the link --
CPAP comfort Pad

Click on the link to find out more about --
MS sleep apnea

Note: I do not gain anything from you going to or purchasing from these sites, I merely want to help you who have MS sleep apnea to find ways to reduce the problems, which tend to accompany wearing a CPAP mask, for alleviating the problems often associated with sleep apnea.

If you have found this information to be helpful or if you would like to add anything else, please leave us your comments.



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i actually learned a lot from your article regarding sleep apnea and the things that might trigger its cause. Your blog here is vast and I appreciate it a lot and thanks for your very well versed information.

sleep apnea mask said...

I started with my CPAP this week. I have had the most restful Sleep.

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We are glad that you found the information on Aids for making it easier to sleep while wearing a CPAP mask to be helpful to you. Our objective is to do what we can to pass on information about what we have found that can help when dealing with the many aspects of Multiple Sclerosis, so that we can in turn help you too.