Sunday, September 5, 2010

Reducing Spasticy Multiple Sclerosis Can Include As MS Symptom

Spasticity Multiple Sclerosis patients tend to experience can include what is called spasms, tremors, twitching, or tics.

But what is Multiple Sclerosis Spasticity or MS Tremors, MS Spasms or
MS Twitching anyway?

Spasms, tremors, twitching or tics are different names for the uncontrollable movement of the arms, legs, hands or feet, which are often a big problem for the majority of people, who are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis each year, in many different countries around the world.

Twitching, spasms or tremors are like a knee jerk reaction, when the doctor hits your knee with a small hammer to test your reflexes, but in the majority of the cases of Multiple Sclerosis the spasticity is more out of control and more random and can occur too frequently.

Spasticity Multiple Sclerosis patients may experience can be mild to severe and can be more frequent or only occur every so often.

The spasticity can be so severe that it can almost throw you on the floor when it happens, if you don't hang on to something.

What can help to reduce the spasticity MS patients can experience?

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