Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tips For MS Cooling and Beating Effects of Heat on MS Symptoms

When it comes to MS cooling and the effects of heat on aggravating the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, hot weather can become unbearable or even down right dangerous for those of us diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Finding ways to reduce how overheated you can become with Multiple Sclerosis is vital for reducing the MS symptoms that are aggravated by the effects of heat on your nervous system.

But what can help you with cooling off?

Well...I myself have also been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and when a heat wave strikes (where the temperature outside soars to above 90 degrees Fahrenheit or above 32 degrees Celsius for at least 3 days in a row) --

...then it is very difficult for me too to cool off to reduce the problems that do tend to occur from the effects of heat on aggravating the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

If you don't have a pool or can't get in a pool or you can't drive or for some other reason you can't find something to help you with finding relief to the heat, then what can you do?

What can help you with cooling off with Multiple Sclerosis, when the weather gets too hot for you to handle it?

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MS cooling

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Remember -- KEEP COOL, my friends!


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