Monday, February 8, 2010

MS Breakthrough: More Medical Information on CCSVI for Your Doctors

The MS breakthrough for the reduced blood flow from the brains of Multiple Sclerosis patients (or CCSVI as it has been called) has people with MS talking up a storm all over the Internet on blogs, forums, message boards, social groups and all over the place.

I also was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and my doctors have been working with me to evaluate me, using ultrasound testing, to determine if I have the reduced blood flow from the brain or in the veins in the upper chest, but my doctors are having a tough time deciding which veins that they need to run the tests for, like Dr. Paolo Zamboni did with the MS patients that he did the study with in Ferrara, Italy.

Just in case you are having this problem too, click on the following link to read more about information that I found that can help you and your doctor in evaluating you for CCSVI --
MS breakthrough more information to help your doctors.


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