Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cooling MS: Can anything Help Reduce Heat with Multiple Sclerosis?

Can anything help with cooling ms down from the over reaction of those with Multiple Sclerosis to Heat?

Because of the problems that people that are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis have with Heat, it can make it very difficult to survive the summer months. It isn't just a problem with overheating, in my case of Multiple Sclerosis, I have a problem where I don't sweat like I should and the cooling that is achieved as the sweat evaporates, that normally helps my body to cool off is working and can not be of much help to cool my body down, as it should be.

Multiple Sclerosis heat can be such a problem that it can become more threatening to our over all health if it is not addressed and a way is found that can help cooling ms related heat problems.

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