Sunday, May 24, 2009

Can Focusing our Minds Help those with MS?

Multiple Sclerosis mind or Mind-Body techniques for MS??

Is this a good idea or just an imaginary idea?

Our minds have an amazing ability to focus the energy from our bodies to enhance how well our bodies respond to what we instruct them to do. When we focus our bodies on doing something specific, like taking a step, walking, standing up or even with reducing how we respond to ms stress, our bodies listen and respond to the brain's instructions that are sent to that part of the body.

This is why whenever a clinical trial or study is performed on a new technique or with testing a new prescription drug that the researchers and doctors alike are always trying to avoid the "placebo effect". 

The "placebo effect" is where the power of suggestion is so strong to our minds that if we suggest that something can help our bodies to heal, repair or respond in a particular way that (even if a sugar tablet or sugar water is given in place of the drug or technique being tested) - many people will respond to the positive suggestion and improve -- sometimes in an amazing way -- even if they start out with a very severe health condition.

As the medical community is finding out more about the amazing abilities of the mind in reducing symptoms of different diseases, more of the doctors, who use complimentary medicine in their practices, are turning to using more mind focusing techniques  or Mind-Body techniques to help reduce the
 ms symptoms that their MS patients are experiencing.

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