Saturday, April 25, 2009

What causes Spasms, Twitching and Tremors in MS?

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What causes spasms, twitching and uncontrollable movements in those of us that who are given the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis?

There are a few possible causes that can account for these type of multiple sclerosis responses.

There are a few explanations by the medical community that can include:

* possible nerve damage - the more severe a ms spasm can is, there is a much higher possibility of there being multiple sclerosis nerve damage present, but this is not always the case in most cases of more extreme spasiticy in the majority of cases of Multiple Sclerosis.

reversing ms nerve damage can take time and effort and changing a few of our life style habits, including changing the ms diet, reducing ms stress, reducing ms fatigue, increasing ms exercise, adding ms juicing, adding taking ms vitamins, and getting more sunlight and getting rid of negative thinking and negative talk that we use to talk to ourselves and to others, and allowing ourselves to learn how to live life again.

* extreme ms vitamin deficiencies - the medical community is finding that many cases of MultipleSclerosis can result in vitamin deficiencies. More extreme vitamin deficiencies in magnesium and calcium have been found to increase the severity and the frequency of the appearance of muscle tightness, ms muscle spasms and muscle cramping in the average person, but for those of us with Multiple Sclorosis, magnesium and calciumis deficiencies can cause often much more severe problems with multiple sclerosis spasms, multiple sclerosis tremors, or ms spasticity.

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