Thursday, February 26, 2009

How important is it for those with MS to Find Social Connections?

MS support and MS social connections

How important is it for those with M S to Find Social Connections?

As our MS symptoms become worse, and our degree of ms disability increases, is it even a reasonable idea that we can find social connections?

Is the effort worth finding social connections after we have been given the Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis?

The answer is -- Yes.

It is not only worth it for those of us that have been given the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis to go to whatever efforts we need to for us to be able to make new social connections with the world around us -- it is vital for us to find a way for us to maintain or even forge new social connection with other people around us.

For us to at least survive or possibly even thrive, while we are going through all of the ups and downs that Multiple Sclerosis has inflicted on our bodies and has brought into our lives, we definitely have to find a way to make social connections -- with both those that have M S and those that do not.

We need to do this for several reasons.

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