Monday, January 26, 2009

Connecting Socially after being diagnosed with MS

Social Interactions and MS

Multiple Sclerosis can result in ms symptoms, that can vary from mild to severe, that can often result in those of us with the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis feeling like we are alone and more isolated from the world around us.  The worse your disability becomes, because of MS, the worse the social disconnect can become. 

When the more extreme overwhelming MS fatigue is present, this can make it difficult for us to have the energy to participate in much of the daily or at least weekly social interactions that we were involved in before Multiple Sclorosis entered our lives.  Multiple Sclerosis fatigue can cause our connections with other people to be reduced or even disappear from our daily routine.  Our social connections can also dry up simply because we can not physically do what we were able to do before the symptoms of MS appeared.

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