Monday, December 22, 2008

What New Discoveries are there in MS Research?

Multiple Sclerosis News

Multiple Sclerosis Research is advancing into some interesting areas. For example, did you know that our nervous systems have specific cells called glial cells that are designated as the nerve maintenance and repair cells for the entire nervous system?  The job of these cells is to repair damage to the myelin sheath along the spinal cord, that insulates and aids in the nerve signal transmission along the spinal cord. The nerve maintenance and repair cells also repair any damage to the Blood Brain Barrier or BBB, a membrane that surrounds and protects the brain from toxins being able to enter into the brain.

Multiple Sclerosis information:

Our brains can not defend themselves against toxins and once there is damage to the BBB and toxins enter the brain, the brain has none of its own ability to remove toxins that are not suppose to be there in the first place and this means that if the toxins that do enter the brain attack nerve cells, damage to the brain cells themselves can result.  MultipleSclerosis can attack nerve cells, including membranes, like the BBB, or any other nerve cells throughout the entire body.  This can include the mylein sheath that insulates and protects the spinal cord, the BBB brain, or any other nerves or membranes though out our bodies.

MS brain lesions are a result of the Multiple Sclerosis attacking the brain and causing scarring.  The scarring can actually interfere with brain functions, such as cognitive abilities, speech, writing and reading (since the brain interprets and reorganizes works for us to be able to make sense of what we can read and write), memory, recognizing faces, concepts and places we have been previously, and connecting with our surroundings.

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