Saturday, December 27, 2008

How do MS patients React to Heat and Humidity?

Multiple Sclerosis Heat

Those that have been given the Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis can be affected very severely when in warm rooms or during the hot summer months and it can be more than unbearable to the MS patient to where the person can feel like they can’t breathe or they feel like passing out. Overheating is frequent and it is difficult for those with Multiple Sclerosis cool off. Saunas and hot tubs should be avoided by those that already have the Multiple Sclerosis symptom of over reacting to heat.

Multiple Sclerosis cooling

I guess it would be considered a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis when finding ways to cool off from the Multiple Sclerosis symptoms that can result from an over reaction to heat. Methods of cooling down can include using ice packs, drinking very cold or ice water, using MS cooling vest for MS patients and cooling hats, which have been specifically designed for those that have MS symptoms that include the heat sensitivity and staying in well air conditioned rooms. It is thought by the medical community that MS immune system is weakened and that the frequent overheating that many MS patients go through can be a result of frequent infections of many different kinds.

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