Sunday, November 16, 2008

MS Therapy: Can MS Equine Therapy or MS Horse Therapy Help with Learning to Walk Again After MS? MS?

Can MS equine therapy or MS horse therapy be used as a MS therapy for helping retrain a person to walk again after the effects of MS attacks on making it so that they can't walk for a longer period of time?

What is Equine or Horse Therapy ?

Equine or Horse therapy is where a series of exercises are performed, while the person is sitting or riding on a horse.

Exercising on the horse strengthens the muscles and increases balance, which allows the person to be able to stay on the horse without falling off. Once the person is able to balance on a horse, so that they don’t fall off, the therapists can lead the horse around, while the person undergoing therapy is sitting on it.

This helps to get the person used to the movement of walking again and can actually help to retrain the brain to get used to the movement and natural gait of walking again, even if the person is not able to physically walk for a period of time.

How can doing Horse or Equine Therapy help to reduce the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis?

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